After You Collect


After you’ve collected, take your sheet to a notary, and then drop it off with your regional captain. Captains, contact info, and notaries are listed below. You can then pick up more supplies, shirts, signs and get back out there!


Area Zip codes Captain Capt’s Email Notary Boundary
South 85250 85251 85257 Sonnie Kirtley, Patty Badenoch, Sonnie Kirtley south to Indian Bend
Central 85258 85259 85260 Kathy Howard Emily Austin, Kathy Howard, Emily Austin Indian Bend to Bell Rd
North 1 85255 Scott Vineberg, Andrea Keck (Windgate only), Scott Vineberg Bell to Jomax
North 2 85262 85266 Patricia VanCleave Mark Stratman, Local banks Jomax to northern boundary