How To Create An Appointment



How To Create an Appointment

  1. Create an event on the calendar. This works just like other online calendars like Outlook and Google. Include Where as the Event Title. For example: Gateway Trailhead, Mustang Library, or Bob’s Petfood Store
  2. Include your full name, if we need to ask any questions.
  3. The Location is optional. We STRONGLY recommend the location for places other than Trailheads, Libraries and Senior Centers. For example, if you will be at a school, special event, dog park, or business.
  4. Events will appear on the “Submitted Events” Calendar. Admins will review it for accuracy, and then it will be moved to the “Collections” Calendar where the public can view it.
  5. You can overlap events or be at the same place as another collector, no problem!!!
  6. You can edit your event for upto 30 minutes.
  7. Send us an email at if you need to cancel.