Collecting In 4 Easy Steps


Step 1:  Learn How To Collect by watching our simple training video.

Step 2: Where To Collect  
You can collect in public places such as libraries, trailheads, senior centers and parks, even on a public sidewalk. You need no special permission, but its courteous to check in with any staff. You should not block anyone’s access or right-of-way. Staff may instruct you to be in a specified area. Check our list of Where To Collect for suggestions of heavily-trafficked locations and times.  Try to get 10 signatures an hour, less means you might want to try a different place and time.

We strongly recommend you also collect privately within your networks and clubs. Anytime you see your neighbors or your kids’ friends’ parents, ask them to sign. Ask for signatures at your soccer games, book clubs and faith groups. If you have a friendly business such as a retail store or gym, ask if you can collect out front during busy times. Your networks are the easiest signatures, and will yield the most signatures in the last amount of time.

Step 3: When You Collect
If you will be in a public place at a fixed time, please make an appointment on our calendar.

Here are INSTRUCTIONS to use the calendar.

Step 4: After You Collect
After you’ve collected, take your sheet to a notary, and then drop it off with your regional captain. Captains, contact info, and notaries are listed below. You can then pick up more supplies, shirts, signs and get back out there!