How To Collect



Common Questions

  1. Repeating the city and\or zip in the address field and city or zip field?  Dont worry, complete all fields and accept the signature.
  2. Questions about middle name? Don’t worry, complete all fields and accept the signature.
  3. Invalid entry? Don’t worry, keep going with the remainder of the sheet.

All sheets will be pre-verified with our team and items like this flagged in accordance with the law.

Signature requirements

  1. Signature Gatherer Requirements.
    1. The signature gatherer (“gatherer”) must be a resident of Arizona. If not, follow these instructions.
    2. The appropriate box on the petition must be checked to indicate if the gatherer is a volunteer or paid circulator (upper left corner).
    3. A copy of the Charter Amendment must be attached to each petition, while the voter is signing it.
    4. The gatherer must witness the registered voter actually signing the petition. You can’t leave the Petition out for others to sign without your immediate physical presence.
    5. When complete, each petition sheet must be notarized, when the gatherer signs it, and the notary stamp and signature must be complete and clear. Do NOT sign the back until it can be witnessed by the Notary.
  2. Signer Requirements.
    1. The signer MUST be a registered voter in Scottsdale.
    2. Must fill in all fields of the petition themselves. All the fields, including the signature, must be legible, no ditto marks.
    3. Names, addresses, etc. must exactly match the voter registration information. NO Post office box numbers. Signature does not have to exactly match the printed name but must be legible.
    4. If not a registered voter. If they are a resident, but not a registered voter, it is possible to get them to fill out a request to be registered when they sign the petition, but they have to hand it to the petition gatherer so it can be filed with or before the signature page is surrendered.


Reasons why a page of signatures, or individual signatures can be rejected

Errors in filling in the information.

  1. Petition number is missing on font and/or back page.
  2. Notary stamp on petition is partially off the petition or not legible.
  3. The petitioner fills in the date, zip code or any other column (field) for the signer on the form.
  4. The check mark on the top right corner for paid circulator or volunteer is not filled in.
  5. Paid circulator not registered with secretary of state.
  6. Margin at top and bottom of petition is not the correct size.
  7. Circulator forgets to sign petition or signs incorrectly ex uses nickname.


Reasons why a signature is not accepted

  1. Signer is not a registered voter.
  2. Signer uses name on petition which does not match voter registration list. For ex., newly married woman has not changed her name on voter registration list. This can be challenged.
  3. Signature illegible.
  4. Newly registered voter not on the voter list. This can also be corrected by getting the updated list of voters.
  5. Petitioner fills in date, zip code, or any other field on a signature.


Petition Check Process: Petition Check Process:  All petition sheets are delivered to city clerk for review.  The signature sheets,and signatures, are checked for errors and tossed out if non-compliant by the city clerk’s office. Of the remaining sheets and signatures, the clerk randomly selects 5% of the signatures and sends them to the Maricopa County Recorder to be verified against the county database. The county will then return the percent good and bad of that 5% sample and the percent good times the total number of signatures (that were not thrown out) becomes the number of valid signatures submitted. That number must be higher than the number of required valid signatures. For example, if out of 10 signatures, 3 are thrown out due to error as mentioned above, only 70% of ALL the signatures are then considered to be valid and counted to meet the required number of signatures.