When You Collect

  1. Create an Event on the Calendar if:  you will be at a PUBLIC PLACE at a SPECIFIC TIME. Example: a business, trailhead, public library, planned event, senior center, public meeting. No need for “approval” or coordination. Use our suggested times and places or enter your own.
  2. Do not make an appointment if: you will be at a private book club, meeting friends, walking your dog, collecting at your leisure. Only at a PUBLIC PLACE at a SPECIFIC TIME.
  3. Available Events:  We will suggest special volunteers opportunities when we know voters will be there! They will be yellow on the calendar. We will stripe them blue&yellow after a volunteer signs up — public, but available signups. Sign up for an available Event by clicking on it, and then clicking on the “SignUp” button.



Need help? Here are INSTRUCTIONS to use the calendar.